Tuning the Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Al-Al2O3 Nanosphere Towards NIR Region by Gold Coating

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Author(s): Jyoti Katyal*, Shivani Gautam

Journal Name: Micro and Nanosystems

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Background: A relatively narrow LSPR peak and a strong inter band transition ranging around 800 nm makes Al strongly plasmonic active material. Usually, Al nanoparticles are preferred for UV-plasmonic as the SPR of small size Al nanoparticles locates in deep UV-UV region of the optical spectrum. This paper focused on tuning the LSPR of Al nanostructure towards infrared region by coating Au layer. The proposed structure has Au as outer layer which prevent the further oxidation of Al nanostructure.

Methods: The Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) and Plasmon Hybridization Theory has been used to evaluated the LSPR and field enhancement of single and dimer Al-Al2O3-Au MDM nanostructure.

Results: It is observed that the resonance mode show dependence on the thickness of Al2O3 layer and also on the composition of nanostructure. The Au layered MDM nanostructure shows two peak of equal intensities simultaneously in UV and visible region tuned to NIR region. The extinction spectra and electric field distribution profiles of dimer nanoparticles are compared with monomer to reveal the extent of coupling. The dimer configuration shows higher field enhancement ~107 at 1049 nm. By optimizing the thickness of dielectric layer the MDM nanostructure can be used over UV-visible-NIR region.

Conclusion: The LSPR peak shows dependence on the thickness of dielectric layer and also on the composition of nanostructure. It has been observed that optimization of size and thickness of dielectric layer can provide two peaks of equal intensities in UV and Visible region which is advantageous for many applications. The electric field distribution profiles of dimer MDM nanostructure enhanced the field by ~107 in visible and NIR region shows its potential towards SERS substrate. The results of this study will provide valuable information for the optimization of LSPR of Al-Al2O3-Au MDM nanostructure to have high field enhancement.

Keywords: LSPR, FDTD, Multilayered nanostructure, Field Enhancement, ultraviolet, MDM.

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