Role of Biorelevant Media in the Estimation of in vitro Lipolysis and Food Impact on Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems

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Author(s): Ravinder Verma, Deepak Kaushik*

Journal Name: Current Drug Therapy

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Self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS) includes self-micro emulsifying drug delivery system (SMEDDS) and self-nano emulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) whose major benefits is reduction of inter/intra subject variability and food effect which may alter the pharmacological response of the drug. Oral intake of these formulations triggers the digestion process because of pancreatic lipase which emulsify/digest the lipidic ingredients of the formulation resulting into precipitation of the drug. As a tool to foresee in vivo medicament precipitation, in vitro lipolysis models are established. Biorelevant media play an important role to study the effect of in vitro lipolysis and food impact on the bioavailability of SEDDS formulations. It is vital to generate composition of fluids for both fed and fasting conditions of gastric, small intestine and colon to investigate the impact of in vitro lipolysis and food effect on the release behavior of drug from SEDDS. Fed/Fasted state simulated gastric fluid (Fe/FaSSGF), Fed/Fasted state simulated gastric fluid (Fe/FaSSIF) (Phosphate buffers) are first generation while Fa/FeSSIF-V2 (maleate) are second generation biorelevant media utilized for these studies. FaSSIF-V3 belongs to third generation which differs from other generations in the composition and source of bile salts. With updates in physiological data, it is vital to incorporate changes in the dissolution media to make it more biorelevant. This review paper mainly laid emphasis on the compositions of biorelevant media of gastric and small intestine for both fed and fasting conditions. In addition to these, applications of biorelevant to investigate effect of in vitro lipolysis and food on SEDDS are discussed with some recent research reports.

Keywords: Biorelevant media, SEDDS, SMEDDS, FeSSIF V-2, in vitro lipolysis, bioavailability.

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