In-Vitro Screening and Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites from a New Streptomyces sp. SA1 from a Marine Environment

Author(s): Mohammed A. Almalki*

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Volume 21 , Issue 13 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Streptomyces sp. produces various antibiotic agents and the number of lead molecules from the genus Streptomyces increased rapidly in recent years. Drug resistance against various commercially available antibiotics is one of the important problems throughout the world. Streptomyces spp. produce various antimicrobials with potent activity against drug-resistant bacteria.

Methods: Streptomyces sp. SA1 was isolated from the marine environment for the biosynthesis of antibiotics. The important variables influencing secondary metabolite biosynthesis were optimized to increase the biosynthesis of antimicrobial agents using the traditional method and statistical approach.

Results: Streptomyces sp. SA1 produced novel antibiotics and the process variables were optimized by the traditional method (One-variable-at-a-time approach). Maltose showed maximum antimicrobial activity (220 U/mL). Analysis of the nitrogen, the effect of nitrogen sources revealed that beef extract incorporated culture medium showed rich antibacterial activity (188/mL). Among the ionic sources, KCl significantly influenced antibiotic production. Maltose, beef extract and KCl were considered as the most influencing medium components. Antimicrobial agent biosynthesis was achieved with maltose 1.22 g/L, beef extract 0.93 g/L and KCl 0.27 g/L in response surface methodology.

Conclusion: Actinomycetes, especially Streptomyces, play an important role as a source for bioactive compounds that are used to treat infections, and many other diseases. The isolated Streptomyces sp. was a good producer of antibacterial agent, which required various nutritional supplements in the culture medium. The optimized medium components investigated in this study will be useful for future studies with the mass production of secondary metabolites.

Keywords: Streptomyces sp., secondary metabolites, antibiotics, pathogens, marine environment, antimicrobial activity.

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