An Emerging Therapeutic Approach by Targeting Myoferlin (MYOF) for Malignant Tumors

Author(s): Haijun Gu, Yangrui Peng, Yihua Chen*

Journal Name: Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 20 , Issue 17 , 2020

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Myoferlin (MYOF), as a member of the ferlin family, is a type II transmembrane protein with a single transmembrane domain at the carbon terminus. Studies have shown that MYOF is involved in pivotal physiological functions related to numerous cell membranes, such as extracellular secretion, endocytosis cycle, vesicle trafficking, membrane repair, membrane receptor recycling, and secreted protein efflux. Recently, the studies have also revealed that MYOF is overexpressed in a variety of cancers such as colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, gastric cancer, and non-small-cell lung cancer. High expression of MYOF is associated with the high invasion of tumors and poor clinical prognosis. MYOF medicates the expression, secretion, and distribution of proteins, which were closely related to cancers, as well as the energy utilization of cancer cells, lipid metabolism and other physiological activities by regulating the physiological processes of membrane transport. In this short article, we briefly summarize the latest progress related to MYOF, indicating that small molecule inhibitors targeting the MYOF-C2D domain can selectively inhibit the proliferation and migration of cancer cells, and MYOF may be a promising target for the treatment of malignant tumors.

Keywords: MYOF, Tumor proliferation, Tumor migration, Vesicle trafficking, Small molecular MYOF inhibitors, Cancer.

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