Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research-Diabetes and Obesity

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research-Diabetes and Obesity

Volume: 6

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman

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Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research – Diabetes and Obesity is a book series that brings updated reviews to readers interested in advances in the development of pharmaceutical agents for the ...
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The Failing Heart in Diabetes with Special Emphasis on Prevention

Pp. 1-30 (30)

Sayak Roy* and Maneesha S. Khalse

PDF Price: $15

Flavonoids as Prominent Anti-diabetic Agents

Pp. 31-71 (41)

Aluru Rammohan* and Baki Vijaya Bhaskar

PDF Price: $15

Chemosensor in Glucose Monitoring, Advances and Challenges

Pp. 72-97 (26)

Hayat Ullah*, Maliha Sarfraz*, Misbah Ullah Khan and Munzer Ullah

PDF Price: $15

Urge for Herbal Anti-Diabetic Medicines Towards Clinical and Therapeutic Implications

Pp. 118-144 (27)

I.V. Asharani*, M. Gowtham and D. Thirumalai

PDF Price: $15

Curcuma Longa as Dietary Supplement and Diabetes Mellitus: Evidence from Experimental Studies

Pp. 145-169 (25)

Maliha Sarfraz*, Hayat Ullah, Ghulam Nabi, Muhammad Asif Raza, Rashid Iqbal and Shaheed Ullah

PDF Price: $15

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Pp. 170-176 (7)