Correlations Between Overexpression of SOX2OT Long Non-coding RNA and Susceptibility to Breast Cancer

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Author(s): Mina Dehghani-Samani, Naiemeh Hassanzadeh, Hamidreza Kabiri, Marzieh Jafari, Matineh Rahmani Ghaleh Shahrokhi, Maryam Jafari Chermahini, Arvand Akbari, Esmat Noshadi, Esmaeil Mahmoudi, Amela Jusic*

Journal Name: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Accelerated Technologies for Biotechnology, Bioassays, Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Research

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Background and Objective: The SOX2OT lcnRNA has been recognized as positive regulator in transcription regulation of SOX2 gene. Recent studies have approved the dysregulation of SOX2OT lncRNA expression patterns in some common caner types including esophageal, lung, and breast cancer. The objective of present study was to investigate correlation between overexpression of SOX2OT lcnRNA and susceptibility to breast cancer.

Method: SOX2OT lncRNA expression profiling in 15 breast cancer and normal tumour-adjacent breast tissue samples was performed by using qRT-PCR. To evaluating the diagnostic potential of the SOX2OT lncRNA we performed ROC curve analyses.

Results: The expression of SOX2OT lncRNA in patients suffering from breast cancer revealed a significant overexpression in comparison with the healthy group (P<0.001). Significantly, the elevated circulating SOX2OT lncRNA was found specific to breast cancer and could differentiate breast cancer from controls with 100% of both sensitivity of and specificity. Based on the Kaplan-Meier analysis, there were no significant correlation between SOX2OT lcnRNA expression and overall survival.

Conclusion: The results confirmed the association between breast cancer and higher SOX2OT lncRNA expression. According to the ROC curve results, SOX2OT lcnRNA could be a new measurable indicator of the breast cancer and a potential therapeutic target for breast cancer patients.

Keywords: Breast cancer, lcnRNA, SOX2OT, qRT-PCR, cancer, overexpression of SOX2OT

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