Dual Release Model to Evaluate Dissolution Profiles from Swellable Drug Polyelectrolyte Matrices

Author(s): Alicia Graciela Cid, María Verónica Ramírez-Rigo, María Celeste Palena, Elio Emilio Gonzo, Alvaro Federico Jimenez-Kairuz, José María Bermúdez*

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

Volume 17 , Issue 6 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Mathematical modeling in modified drug release is an important tool that allows predicting the release rate of drugs in their surrounding environment and elucidates the transport mechanisms involved in the process.

Objective: The aim of this work was to develop a mathematical model that allows evaluating the release profile of drugs from polymeric carriers in which the swelling phenomenon is present.

Methods: Swellable matrices based on ionic complexes of alginic acid or carboxymethylcellulose with ciprofloxacin were prepared and the effect of adding the polymer sodium salt on the swelling process and the drug release was evaluated. Experimental data from the ciprofloxacin release profiles were mathematically adjusted, considering the mechanisms involved in each stage of the release process.

Results: A proposed model, named “Dual Release” model, was able to properly fit the experimental data of matrices presenting the swelling phenomenon, characterized by an inflection point in their release profile. This entails applying the extended model of Korsmeyer-Peppas to estimate the percentage of drug released from the first experimental point up to the inflection point and then a model called Lumped until the final time, allowing to adequately represent the complete range of the drug release profile. Different parameters of pharmaceutical relevance were calculated using the proposed model to compare the profiles of the studied matrices.

Conclusion: The “Dual Release” model proposed in this article can be used to predict the behavior of complex systems in which different mechanisms are involved in the release process.

Keywords: Mathematical model, alginic acid, carboxymethylcellulose, ciprofloxacin, drug delivery, swellable drugpolyelectrolyte matrices.

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