Current Advances in Breast Cancer Research: A Molecular Approach

Current Advances in Breast Cancer Research: A Molecular Approach

Breast cancer is a recognized disease around the world with varying patient outcomes based on the type of breast cancer, access to healthcare and other factors. Survival rates for breast cancer are ...
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Role of Mitochondrial-mediated Pathways in Breast Cancer: An Overview

Pp. 305-327 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811451447120010015

Author(s): Nabanita Chatterjee, Debangshi Das, Ashna Jha, Sraddhya Roy


The powerhouse of the cell, mitochondria play several cellular functions, and it also regulates the physiological adjustment of the body. The deregulation of any of the key factors in the regulation pathway of energy production or cellular metabolism leads to disease conditions and, sometimes even cancer. Several studies emphasize the fact that the alteration in metabolic pathways, generate or evoke cancer susceptibility including breast cancer. Among the several cancers, breast cancer is a major concern in the female population. Thus, the alteration of any mitochondrial factors or metabolites associated with the mitochondrial energy cycle, the changes in breast cancer development or progression of metastasis is high. Mitochondrial regulation could be a promising therapeutic approach in the treatment of breast cancer.


Breast cancer, Metabolic pathway, Mitochondria, mtDNA, Reactive oxygen species, Warburg effect.