Multifunctional Hydroxyapatite-Based Nanoparticles for Biomedicine: Recent Progress in Drug Delivery and Local Controlled Release

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Author(s): Mohammad Rasouli, Seyedeh Farnaz Darghiasi, Seyed Morteza Naghib*, Mehdi Rahmanian

Journal Name: Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials

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As calcium phosphate micro/nano-structures (CPMNS) have been suggested, many protocols have been exploited to design new formulations. CPMNS are similar to bone mineral from the point of view of structure and chemical composition. Some of them such as hydroxyapatite (HAp) have been commercialized, and they demonstrated sufficient efficiency as hard tissue replacements for various purposes. Due to their biocompatibility, bioaccumulation, bioactivity, osteogenic activity, and anticancer properties as well as great resemblance to body organs such as bones, these substances are suitable options for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Therefore, recent advances of HAp applications in drug delivery for various diseases, such as cancer, bone disease, and tooth inflammation are reviewed. Also, their implementation for several kinds of drugs including anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, growth factors and analgesics are investigated.

Keywords: Calcium phosphate, nanoparticles, micro/nanostructure, hydroxyapatite, carrier, drug delivery

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(E-pub Ahead of Print)
DOI: 10.2174/2666184501999200420072949
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