Recent Advances in Lifetime and Reliability Models

Recent Advances in Lifetime and Reliability Models

Introduction: Mathematicians and statisticians have made significant academic progress on the subject of distribution theory in the last two decades, and this area of study is becoming one of the ...
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The Gamma-G Family of Distributions

Pp. 149-177 (29)

Gauss M. Cordeiro, Rodrigo B. Silva and Abraão D. C. Nascimento


This chapter presents the gamma generalized family of distributions proposed by Zofragos and Balakrishnan (2009). Several mathematical properties are provided such as representations for gamma-G density and cumulative functions, some generalized moments, quantile and generating functions and entropies. A bivariate generalization is presented. An application is performed in order to illustrate empirically the usefulness of this family.


Gamma-G Model; GGum; GLL; GLN; GN; GW; Mean deviation; Moment; Order statistic.


Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil.