Recent Advances in Lifetime and Reliability Models

Recent Advances in Lifetime and Reliability Models

Introduction: Mathematicians and statisticians have made significant academic progress on the subject of distribution theory in the last two decades, and this area of study is becoming one of the ...
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The Kumaraswamy's Generalized Family of Models

Pp. 99-114 (16)

Gauss M. Cordeiro, Rodrigo B. Silva and Abraão D. C. Nascimento


This chapter addresses the Kumaraswamy's generalized (\Kw-G" for short) family of models. A physical motivation for the Kw-G family is presented and some of its special cases are discussed in detail. This family receives a baseline distribution as input and returns a new distribution with two additional parameters. The returned model is often more exible than the baseline one. Several structural properties are presented and discussed for the Kw-G family. Among them, useful expansions, mgf, moments and mean deviations. Additionally, estimation and generation procedures are presented.


Asymptotes; Kw-G Model; Moment; Physical Motivation; Shapes.


Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil.