Food Additives and Human Health

Food Additives and Human Health

INTRODUCTION This reference is a detailed guide to the world of food additives commonly used in the food processing and manufacturing industry. Edited by experts in the field, invited scholars ...
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Stabilizers (Including pH Control Agents and Phosphates)

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Tarun Belwal, Hari Prasad Devkota, Ankur Kumar Goel and Indra D. Bhatt


The continuous availability of food, as a very basic requirement of life, has always been a difficult aspect due to food contamination and decomposition. It is a difficult task for food scientists to make food products available in good condition after harvest and/or processing, storage and transportation to other places from their place of origin. The use of food additives allows food products to maintain their quality during storage as well as improve shelf-life and maintain their palatability and nutritional quality. The role of stabilizers as food additives is becoming crucial in controlling the pH of the product as well as stabilizing the product texture and its structure. These stabilizers are becoming more popular and widely used in various food products and are chosen based on different criteria. Their origin, either natural or synthetic, is one of the most important criteria regarding consumer acceptability. Various physiological and toxicological profiles of these stabilizers have also been studied. This chapter describes the general aspects of food stabilizers and their application in various food products. Further research is necessary to widen their applications and consumer acceptability as well as to determine possible toxicological effects.


Food additives, pH control agents, Safety, Stabilizers.


G.B. Pant National Institute of Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development, Kosi- Katarmal, Almora, Uttarakhand, India.