Food Additives and Human Health

Food Additives and Human Health

INTRODUCTION This reference is a detailed guide to the world of food additives commonly used in the food processing and manufacturing industry. Edited by experts in the field, invited scholars ...
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Antioxidant Food Additives

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Ilias Marmouzi, Shahira M. Ezzat, Mourad Kharbach and Abdelhakim Bouyahya


Food additives, especially antioxidant preservatives, are key elements in the food industry and production. Food antioxidants can be natural products such as extracts and purified natural metabolites, or synthetic compounds. They act as radical scavengers, chelators, quenchers, or antioxidant regenerators. Generally, food antioxidants target the preservation of food without altering its taste and colour. Synthetic antioxidants are cheap, easy to use and efficient as preservative agents; however, consumers tend to seek natural antioxidants. This chapter focuses on the different functional antioxidants such as polyphenols, tocopherols that can be used as food additives. These compounds are characterized by different chemical structures and different mechanisms of actions.


Food additives, Natural antioxidants, Oxidation, Preservatives, Synthetic antioxidants.


Biopharmaceutical and Toxicological Analysis Research Team, Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University Mohammed V-Rabat, Morocco.