Hemorrhoidal Laser Procedure (HeLP) and Hemorrrrhoidal Laser Procedure + Mucopexy (HeLPexx) and Other Emerging Technologies

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Author(s): Paolo Giamundo*

Journal Name: Reviews on Recent Clinical Trials

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Background: Minimally-invasive treatments for hemorrhoids should be encouraged as they cause low morbidity, reasonable discomfort and quicker return to work. According to the “vascular theory” hemorrhoidal disease is mainly caused by blood overflow into hemorrhoidal plexus deriving from the superior hemorrhoidal arteries.

Introduction: Many different procedures have been described in the literature with the common goal of reducing the blood flow into the hemorrhoidal piles. ‘HeLP’ (Hemorrhoids Laser Procedure) is a novel form of dearterialization to treat patients suffering from symptomatic hemorrhoids.

Methods: The procedure consists of the closure of the terminal branches of the superior rectal artery approximately 2-3 cm above the dentate line by means of laser shots originated by a diode laser platform. The arteries, at that level, have variable location and distribution. Therefore, a doppler probe set at the frequency of 20MHz helps identifying the arteries that would be missed otherwise. The laser beam is well tolerated by patients. For this reason, anesthesia is not required in most cases and the procedure allows a quick return to daily activities. In case of concomitant severe mucosal prolapse, the laser treatment can be combined with suture mucopexy. Three to six running sutures allow a complete lifting of hemorrhoidal piles, securing long-term resolution of symptoms.

Results and Conclusions: ‘HeLP’ is indicated in patients with symptomatic hemorrhoids where conservative treatment failed and when mucosal prolapse is scarce or not symptomatic. The addition of mucopexy to laser treatment (HeLPexx) contributes to overall resolution of symptoms when mucosal prolapse is an issue, Emborrhoid is another novel, ‘hi-tech’ form of selective dearterialization used in selected case of hemorrhoids where main symptom is bleeding. It is generally used in cases where surgery is contraindicated due to severe concomitant diseases.

Keywords: laser, dearterialization, hemorrhoids, minimally-invasive, mucopexy, doppler

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