Structural Simulation and Strength Analysis for Trailer Bogie Frame of High-Speed Train Based on CATIA and ANSYS Workbench

Author(s): Junguo Wang*, Minqiang Ren, Rui Sun, Yang Yang, Yongxiang Zhao

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 13 , Issue 3 , 2020

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Background: As a key component of the rail transit vehicle, the railway bogie greatly affects the dynamic performance, reliability, and safety of the high-speed rail vehicle. In this paper, the structural strength of a typical trailer bogie frame is evaluated and its strength and dynamic requirements are verified. In addition, various patents on bogie structural strength have also been discussed in this paper.

Objective: The study aimed to evaluate and verify the rationality of the bogie frame structure design with static strength and dynamic characteristics.

Methods: A three-dimensional model of the trailer bogie frame was built by CATIA V5, and then, a finite element model of the frame was analyzed by ANSYS Workbench. Bogie frame loads, static strengths and dynamic characteristics of the frame under different conditions (straight, curve, braking and abnormal) were calculated based on its strength and design standards.

Results: According to the requirement stress and dynamics standard, the maximum stress of the bogie frame was observed to be in the allowable stress value of the frame material, and the dynamic performance of the bogie model meets the design standards.

Conclusion: The structural strength of the proposed bogie frame is reasonable, and the static strength and dynamic characteristics of the proposed bogie model are in accordance with the design requirements of the railway vehicle.

Keywords: ANSYS Workbench, bogie frame, Finite Element Model (FEM), patents, static strength, Three Dimensional (3D).

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