Relation of Steatosis to Neurocognitive Function in People Living with HIV

Author(s): Daniela Marić*, Snežana Brkić, Vojislava Bugarski Ignjatović, Željka Nikolaševic, Dalibor Ilić, Miloš Vujanović, Zorka Drvendžija, Biljana Srdić Galić

Journal Name: Current HIV Research

Volume 18 , Issue 3 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: In HIV negative population metabolic syndrome and steatosis are related to poorer neurocognitive (NC) performance. We investigated if similar relation exists in people living with HIV (PLWH).

Methods: We included male PLWH aged 20-65, with undetectable viral load for at least 6 months. Data on levels of education, anthropometric measurements, CD4 levels, ART, markers of metabolic syndrome, smoking and concurrent treatment were collected from database. Concentrations of TNF-α and IL-6 were measured. An ultrasound was used to establish the presence of steatosis, visceral fat thickness and carotid intima media thickness. An extensive NC assessment was done by an experienced neuropsychologist. Cognitive domains were defined as executive functions, divergent reasoning, visuo-constructional abilities, delayed recall and working memory and learning and were measured using a battery of 12 tests.

Results: 88 PLWH were included (mean age 39,9 years), 51% on PIs, 46% on NNRTI; 20,4% had metabolic syndrome, 42% patients had steatosis. Weak but statistically significant negative correlations were found between the presence of metabolic syndrome, steatosis and VFT and cognitive domains (divergent reasoning, delayed recall and working memory). Poorer perfomrance in the domains of divergent reasoning and in the working memory were found in participants with steatosis (p=0,048 and 0,033 respectively).

Conclusion: Although the sample size was relatively small, our results show consistent correlations between the observed neurocognitive variables and metabolic parameters. As central obesity is one of the contributors to NCI, it would be one of the modifiable factors to prevent further neurocognitive decline.

Keywords: steatosis, neurocognition, metabolic syndrome, central obesity, PLWH.

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