Correlation Coefficients of Linguistic Neutrosophic Sets and their Multicriteria Group Decision Making Strategy for Medical Treatment Options

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Author(s): Mei-Ling Zhao, Jun Ye*.

Journal Name: Current Chinese Computer Science

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Background: Owing to Linguistic Neutrosophic Numbers (LNNs) depicted independently by the truth, indeterminacy, and falsity linguistic variables, they fit in with human thinking and expressing habits to judgments of complicated objects, such as medical diagnosis and Medical Treatment Options (MTOs) for patients in clinical medicine. Unfortunately, existing linguistic neutrosophic Decision Making (DM) approaches have not been applied in medical DM problems so far.

Objective: Then, the LNN multicriteria group DM method especially suits medical DM problems with LNN information since medical DM problems commonly imply inconsistent, incomplete, and indeterminate linguistic information due to the medical DM complexity.

Method: Therefore, this study proposes two correlation coefficients of linguistic neutrosophic sets (LNSs) and their multicriteria group DM method to deal with the DM problem of MTOs as a new complementary in linguistic medical DM problems. Then, an actual example regarding the DM problem of MTOs is provided to illustrate the applicability of the developed group DM method.

Result: By comparative analysis with existing relative methods in LNN setting, the best MTO for the patient with verruca plantaris is feasible.

Conclusion: The developed DM method is effective in the DM problem of MTOs with LNN information and provides a new way for linguistic medical DM problems.

Keywords: Linguistic neutrosophic number, Linguistic neutrosophic set, Correlation coefficient, Multicriteria group decision making, Linguistic decision making, Medical treatment option

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