Dynamic Analysis and Control Research of a 3-DOF Hydraulic Driven Parallel Mechanism

Author(s): Bing Zhang*, Saike Jiang, Ziliang Jiang, Jiandong Li, Kehong Zhou, Feng Liu

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 13 , Issue 2 , 2020

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Background: The parallel mechanism is widely used in motion simulators, parallel machine tools, medical equipment and other fields. It has advantages of high rigidity, stable structure and high carrying capacity. However, the control strategy and control method are difficult to study because of the complexity of the parallel mechanism system.

Objective: The purpose of this paper was to verify the dynamic model of a hydraulic driven 3-DOF parallel mechanism and propose a compound control strategy to broaden the bandwidth of the control system.

Methods: The single rigid body dynamic model of the parallel mechanism was established by the Newton Euler method. The feed forward control strategy based on joint space control with inverse kinematic was designed to improve the bandwidth and control precision. The co-simulation method based on MATLAB / SIMULINK and ADAMS was adopted to verify the dynamics and control strategy.

Results: The bandwidth of each degree of freedom in the 3-DOF parallel mechanism was used to expand about 10Hz and the amplitude error was controlled below 5%.

Conclusion: Based on the designed dynamic model and composite control strategy, the controlled accuracy of the parallel mechanism is improved and the bandwidth of the control system is broadened. Furthermore, the improvements can be made in aspects of control accuracy and real-time performance to compose more patents on parallel mechanisms.

Keywords: Compound control strategy, co-simulation, 3-DOF parallel mechanism, dynamics, feed forward control, MATLAB, nonlinear flow compensation.

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