Natural Rubber Latex and its Effects on Some Properties of Bitumen

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Author(s): T. Osei*, T. A. Tagbor, J. A.M Awudza

Journal Name: Current Materials Science
Formerly: Recent Patents on Materials Science

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Aims: Aim of this experimental study is at examining the changes in some properties and chemical functionalities of AC 20 grade bitumen modified with natural rubber latex (L).

Background: Bitumen was used mainly as a binder in asphalt pavements for road construction in many developing countries. In recent times more roads were being constructed for the speedy delivery of goods and services in Ghana. There was also a general increase in vehicle ownership resulting in increased pressures from vehicle tyres. These pressures had led to high level of stresses exerted on asphalt surfaces which was exhibited in deformation, surface cracking, fatigue and reflective cracking which could result in dangerous traffic conditions.

Objective: Problems such as change in temperatures, cracks caused by traffic loads, moisture exposure which weakens adhesion of the binder to aggregates etc. are improved by the application of polymer materials.

Method: Such the ASTM D5 – 97 and the ASTM D 36 – 70 and the ASTM D-2170-10 and the ASTM D 70 – 76 and the ASTM D 1754 and the ASTM D3143 standards were used to measure the penetration point, the softening point temprature and the kinematic viscosity and the specific gravity and short term aging test and the flash point.

Result: The results of this study present a general improvement in penetration, softening point viscosity and aging when conventional bitumen is modified with Natural latex rubber L.

Conclusion: Result obtained for rheological properties of bitumen upon addition of latex showed an optimum at 5%.

Other: Short term aging test results indicated that addition of the optimum composition of natural rubber latex at 5% of bitumen showed significant improvement on the rheological properties tested and hence could serve as a good material for modification of bitumen for sustainable road construction.

Keywords: natural rubber, modified bitumen, softening point, viscosity, penetration, specific gravity, chemical functionality.

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DOI: 10.2174/2666145413666200127161958