Chitosan-Nanocellulose Composites for Regenerative Medicine Applications

Author(s): Avik Khan, Baobin Wang, Yonghao Ni*

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 27 , Issue 28 , 2020

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Regenerative medicine represents an emerging multidisciplinary field that brings together engineering methods and complexity of life sciences into a unified fundamental understanding of structure-property relationship in micro/nano environment to develop the next generation of scaffolds and hydrogels to restore or improve tissue functions. Chitosan has several unique physico-chemical properties that make it a highly desirable polysaccharide for various applications such as, biomedical, food, nutraceutical, agriculture, packaging, coating, etc. However, the utilization of chitosan in regenerative medicine is often limited due to its inadequate mechanical, barrier and thermal properties. Cellulosic nanomaterials (CNs), owing to their exceptional mechanical strength, ease of chemical modification, biocompatibility and favorable interaction with chitosan, represent an attractive candidate for the fabrication of chitosan/ CNs scaffolds and hydrogels. The unique mechanical and biological properties of the chitosan/CNs bio-nanocomposite make them a material of choice for the development of next generation bio-scaffolds and hydrogels for regenerative medicine applications. In this review, we have summarized the preparation method, mechanical properties, morphology, cytotoxicity/ biocompatibility of chitosan/CNs nanocomposites for regenerative medicine applications, which comprises tissue engineering and wound dressing applications.

Keywords: Cellulose, nanomaterials, morphology, cytotoxicity, biomedical application, polysaccharide.

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