Nanoformulations for Ocular Delivery of Drugs - A Patent Perspective

Author(s): Anmol Dogra, Kuljeet Kaur, Javed Ali, Sanjula Baboota, Ramandeep Singh Narang, Jasjeet Kaur Narang*

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Drug Delivery & Formulation
Continued as Recent Advances in Drug Delivery and Formulation

Volume 13 , Issue 4 , 2019

Graphical Abstract:


Efficient delivery of ocular therapeutics with improved efficacy, enhanced bioavailability, and acceptable patient compliance presents unique challenges. This can be attributed to the presence of protective mechanisms, physicobiological barriers, and structural obstacles in the eye. Nanotherapeutic interventions have been explored extensively over the past few years to overcome these limitations. The present review focusses on the nanoformulations developed for the diagnosis and treatment of various ocular diseases besides providing an in-depth insight into the patents reported for the same.

Keywords: Ocular, nanoformulations, nanoparticles, nanoemulsions, solid lipid carriers, nanolipid carriers, nanoformulations, nanotechnology.

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