Lipid-based Nanoplatforms in Cancer Therapy: Recent Advances and Applications

Author(s): Kuldeep Rajpoot*

Journal Name: Current Cancer Drug Targets

Volume 20 , Issue 4 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Though modern available cancer therapies are effective, they possess major adverse effects, causing non-compliance to patients. Furthermore, the majority of the polymeric-based medication platforms are certainly not universally acceptable, due to their several restrictions. With this juxtaposition, lipid-based medication delivery systems have appeared as promising drug nanocarriers to replace the majority of the polymer-based products because they are in a position to reverse polymer as well as, drug-associated restrictions. Furthermore, the amalgamation of the basic principle of nanotechnology in designing lipid nanocarriers, which are the latest form of lipid carriers, has tremendous chemotherapeutic possibilities as tumor-targeted drug-delivery pertaining to tumor therapy. Apart from this, it is reported that nearly 40% of the modern medication entities are lipophilic. Moreover, research continues to be efficient in attaining a significant understanding of the absorption and bioavailability of the developed lipids systems.

Keywords: Cancer, nanocarriers, liposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles, targeted delivery, lipids systems.

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