Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Contemporary Research on Bryophytes

This reference provides information about recent trends in bryology in parts of India, tropical rainforests and arctic regions. Bryophytes are the earliest land plants and quite fascinating in ...
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An Account of Genus Porella (Dill.) L. (Porellaceae, Marchantiophyta) in Nilgiri Hills, Western Ghats

Pp. 103-122 (20)

Praveen Kumar Verma


The taxa of genus Porella (Dill.) L. in Nilgiri Hills, Western Ghats are discussed, keyed, illustrated and provided with distribution. These are Porella madagascariensis (Nees & Mont.) Trevis, P. chinensis Steph., P. perrottetiana (Mont.) Trevis., P. acutifolia (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis., Porella caespitans S. Hatt. var. setigera (Steph.) S. Hatt., P. campylophylla (Lehm. & Lindenb) Trevis. and P. campylophylla (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis. var. ligulifera (Tayl.) S. Hatt., and one more species of Porella, P. pinnata was reported earlier from the area but could not be collected from any of the explored localities of the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu. Illustrations of all the species of Porella recorded are also provided.


Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, Marchantiophyta, Porellaceae, Porella.


Forest Botany Division, Forest Research Institute, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.