Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Contemporary Research on Bryophytes

This reference provides information about recent trends in bryology in parts of India, tropical rainforests and arctic regions. Bryophytes are the earliest land plants and quite fascinating in ...
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An Overview of the Family Calymperaceae (Bryophyta) in Western Ghats with Special Reference to Kerala and Its Status in India

Pp. 52-80 (29)

Manju C. Nair, V. K. Chandini and K. P. Rajesh


The Calymperaceae occurring in Kerala are described here in. Five genera are recognised within the family viz., Calymperes Sw., Exostratum L. T. Ellis, Leucophanes Brid., Octoblepharum Hedw. and Syrrhopodon Schwägr. In Kerala, Calymperes is represented by eight species, Syrrhopodon by five, Leucophanes by L. glaucum and L. octoblepharioides, Exostratum by E. blumii, and Octoblepharum by O. albidum Hedw., Exostratum is a new genus record and Syrrhopodon prolifer is a new species record for Kerala.


Calymperaceae, Distribution, India, Kerala, Taxonomy, Western Ghats.


PG & Research Department of Botany, The Zamorin`s Guruvayurappan College, Kozhikode-14, Kerala, India (affiliated to the University of Calicut)