Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Recent Advances in Botanical Science

Contemporary Research on Bryophytes

This reference provides information about recent trends in bryology in parts of India, tropical rainforests and arctic regions. Bryophytes are the earliest land plants and quite fascinating in ...
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Computational Resources for Bryology

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Sonu Kumar and Asheesh Shanker


Computational/Bioinformatics resources play an important role in biological research, including studies on bryophytes, a group of non-vascular land plants categorized into hornworts, liverworts, and mosses. These resources deal with the development and application of computational approaches to solve biological problems. The availability of such resources, including databases, software, and other tools are useful in the analysis and interpretation of biological data. This chapter provides a description of various useful bioinformatics resources, which can bring a major change in terms of time, money, and labor in studies related to bryophytes.


Bioinformatics, Bryophytes, Databases, Software.


Department of Bioinformatics, Central University of South Bihar, Gaya- 824236, India