Adaptive Neural Dynamic Surface Control for the Chaotic PMSM System with External Disturbances and Constrained Output

Author(s): Zhang Junxing, Wang Shilong, Li Shaobo*, Zhou Peng

Journal Name: Recent Advances in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Formerly Recent Patents on Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Volume 13 , Issue 6 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: This article studies the issue of adaptive neural dynamic surface control for the chaotic permanent magnet synchronous motor system with constrained output, external disturbances and parameter perturbations.

Methods: Firstly, a virtual controller and two practical controllers are created based on the backstepping framework. In the process of creating controllers, adaptive technique and radial basis function neural networks are used to handle unknown parameters and nonlinearities, respectively. The nonlinear damping items are applied to overcome external disturbances. The barrier Lyapunov function is used to prevent the violation of system output constraint. Meanwhile, the first-order filter to eliminate the “explosion of complexity” of traditional back stepping has been introduced. Then, it is proved that all the closed-loop signals are uniform ultimate asymptotic stability and the tracking error converges to a small set of origin.

Results: The effectiveness and robustness of the developed approach are illustrated by numerical simulations.

Conclusion: The raised control scheme is a useful tool for enhancing the performance of the chaotic PMSM system with external disturbances, constrained output and parameter perturbations.

Keywords: Chaos PMSM system, RBF neural network, dynamic surface control, nonlinear damping, constrained output, Sliding Mode Control (SMC).

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