Topics in Anti-Cancer Research

Topics in Anti-Cancer Research

Volume: 8

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman and Khurshid Zaman

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Topics in Anti-Cancer Research covers new developments in the field of cancer. Novel drugs as anticancer agents include natural and synthetic phenazines and other anti-cancer compounds. It also ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Atta-ur-Rahman and Khurshid Zaman

Introduction  promotion: free to download

Pp. ii

Atta-ur-Rahman and Khurshid Zaman

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Pp. iii

Atta-ur-Rahman and Khurshid Zaman

Novel Drugs for Multiple Myeloma

Pp. 1-43 (43)

Pawel Robak and Tadeusz Robak

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Recent Progress of Phenazines as Anticancer Agents

Pp. 74-96 (23)

Hidayat Hussain, Najeeb Ur Rehman, Ghulam Abbas, Khanzadi F. Khattak, Amjad Khan and Ivan R. Green

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Cancer Stem Cell Targeting For Anticancer Therapy: Strategies and Challenges

Pp. 97-156 (60)

Sanjoy Das, Malay K. Das and Tapash Chakraborty

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Pp. 158-170 (13)

Atta-ur-Rahman and Khurshid Zaman