Influence of Plant Bioactive Compounds on Intestinal Epithelial Barrier in Poultry

Author(s): Amlan Kumar Patra*

Journal Name: Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 20 , Issue 7 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Natural plant bioactive compounds (PBC) have recently been explored as feed additives to improve productivity, health and welfare of poultry following ban or restriction of in-feed antibiotic use. Depending upon the types of PBC, they possess antimicrobial, digestive enzyme secretion stimulation, antioxidant and many pharmacological properties, which are responsible for beneficial effects in poultry production. Moreover, they may also improve the intestinal barrier function and nutrient transport. In this review, the effects of different PBC on the barrier function, permeability of intestinal epithelia and their mechanism of actions are discussed, focusing on poultry feeding. Dietary PBC may regulate intestinal barrier function through several molecular mechanisms by interacting with different metabolic cascades and cellular transcription signals, which may then modulate expressions of genes and their proteins in the tight junction (e.g., claudins, occludin and junctional adhesion molecules), adherens junction (e.g., E-cadherin), other intercellular junctional proteins (e.g., zonula occludens and catenins), and regulatory proteins (e.g., kinases). Interactive effects of PBC on immunomodulation via expressions of several cytokines, chemokines, complement components, pattern recognition receptors and their transcription factors and cellular immune system, and alteration of mucin gene expressions and goblet cell abundances in the intestine may change barrier functions. The effects of PBC are not consistent among the studies depending upon the type and dose of PBC, physiological conditions and parts of the intestine in chickens. An effective concentration in diets and specific molecular mechanisms of PBC need to be elucidated to understand intestinal barrier functionality in a better way in poultry feeding.

Keywords: Plant bioactive compound, poultry, intestinal barrier, tight junction, permeability, intestinal immunity.

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