Imidazole: An Emerging Scaffold Showing its Therapeutic Voyage to Develop Valuable Molecular Entities

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Author(s): Bhawna Chopra*, Ashwani K. Dhingra, Deo Nandan Prasad

Journal Name: Current Drug Research Reviews
Formerly: Current Drug Abuse Reviews

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Objective: Imidazole is a heterocyclic moiety having immense biological importance. Since from ancient years, imidazole nucleus was found to be promising moiety in field of chemistry. Preliminaryin vitroand in vivostudies have provided valuable scientific evidencefor its use. Subsequently, imidazole constitutes for new class of compounds for new drug development as presence of this nucleus in diverse therapeutic categories viz; antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, immunomodulator, antiviral etchas made it an interesting moiety for design and development of new pharmacological agents. Thus this review aims to summarize the reported molecular entities which were synthesized by using conventional as well as microwave processes, chemistry and biological potential of imidazole containing heterocyclic molecules while identifying potential areas of further research of imidazole.

Key findings: The review comprises literature pertaining to the evidence based pharmacological or therapeutic potential of imidazole from may many years using published articles and worldwide databases. Various pharmacological experiments using different models exclusively proven the potential of imidazole.

Summary: Thus, focusing on discovery and development of new imidazole nucleus based molecules at a faster rate; there is a need to check out the previous information available in market in the field of medicinal chemistry. So the present review aims ornately pronounced the therapeutic worth of imidazole and its analogs.

Keywords: Imidazole, Imidazolones, Biological Activity, Microwave, Discovery

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DOI: 10.2174/2589977511666191129152038

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