Advanced Planning and Scheduling Based on the Constraint Theory and Improved Tabu Search Algorithm

Author(s): Jianguo Zheng, Xiaomei Mi, Huchang Liao*

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Engineering

Volume 14 , Issue 2 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Planning and scheduling of manufacturing enterprises are required to be rapid and accurate, which make is easy for the traditional enterprise resource planning system to meet the needs of enterprises.

Objective: This paper introduces the theory of constraints and explains the control methods for production planning and scheduling.

Methods: The main characteristics of the advanced planning and scheduling system are analyzed. Then, the modeling method based on the theory of constraints is used to study the scheduling path.

Results: An example is given to validate the scheduling model and realize the optimization of production tasks on the bottleneck resources.

Conclusion: The feasibility of the advanced planning and scheduling methods based on the theory of constraints is proved.

Keywords: Theory of constraints, advanced planning and scheduling, bottleneck resources, control methods, optimization of production, project scheduling.

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Year: 2020
Published on: 28 October, 2020
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