Improving Topical Skin Delivery of Monocrotaline Via Liposome Gel-based Nanosystems

Author(s): Jiandong Yu, Zhi Chen, Yan-zhi Yin, Chaoyuan Tang, Enying Hu, Shuang Zheng, Qi Liu, Yang Xiong*

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

Volume 16 , Issue 10 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: In this study, a liposomal gel based on a pH-gradient method was used to increase the skin-layer retention of monocrotaline (MCT) for topical administration.

Methods: Using the Box-Behnken design, different formulations were designed to form liposome suspensions with optimal encapsulation efficiency (EE%) and stability factor (KE). In order to keep MCT in liposomes and accumulate in skin slowly and selectively, MCT liposome suspensions were engineered into gels.

Results: A pH-gradient method was used to prepare liposome suspensions. The optimal formulation of liposome suspensions (encapsulation efficiency: 83.10 ± 0.21%) was as follows: MCT 12 mg, soybean phosphatidyl choline (sbPC) 200 mg, cholesterol (CH) 41 mg, vitamin E (VE) 5 mg, and citric acid buffer solution (CBS) 4.0 10 mL (pH 7.0). The final formulation of liposomal gels consisted of 32 mL liposome suspensions, 4.76 mL deionized water, 0.40 g Carbopol-940, 1.6 g glycerol, 0.04 g methylparaben, and a suitable amount of triethanolamine for pH value adjustment. The results of in vitro drug release showed that MCT in liposomal gels could be released in 12 h constantly in physiological saline as a Ritger-Peppas model. Compared with plain MCT in gel form, liposomal MCT in gel had higher skin retention in vitro.

Conclusion: In this study, liposomal gels were formed for greater skin retention of MCT. It is potentially beneficial for reducing toxicities of MCT by topical administration with liposomal gel.

Keywords: Monocrotaline (MCT), liposomal gel, topical skin delivery, Box-Behnken design, skin permeation, skin retention.

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