Ovarian Cancer-Challenges and Innovations

Ovarian Cancer-Challenges and Innovations

Editor(s): Tamara L. Kalir

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This informative book provides a wealth of information on ovarian cancer. The book opens with a discussion of contemporary management of this disease with commentary on surgery and clinical trials: ...
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Foreword  Open Access Plus

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Linus Chuang MD

Preface  Open Access Plus

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Tamara L. Kalir

Dedication  Open Access Plus

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Tamara L. Kalir

List of Contributors  Open Access Plus

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Tamara L. Kalir

Surgical Principles for the Management of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer and A Review of Seminal Theraputic Clinical Trials and Emerging Therapies  Open Access Plus

Pp. 1-45 (45)

Jamal Rahaman and Lorene M. Yoxtheimer

Pathology of Ovarian Cancer  Open Access Plus

Pp. 46-105 (60)

Jessica Beyda and Sedef Everest

Dualistic Typing of Epithelial Ovarian Cancers: Emerging Paradigms for Oncogenic Progression and Cancer Treatment  Open Access Plus

Pp. 106-129 (24)

D. Stave Kohtz

Genomic Analysis of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer  Open Access Plus

Pp. 130-147 (18)

Gonzalo Carrasco-Avino, Benjamin Greenbaum, Mireia Castillo-Martin, Adolfo Firpo, Carlos Cordon-Cardo and Tamara Kalir

Psychological Aspects of Ovarian Cancer Healing  Open Access Plus

Pp. 148-171 (24)

Jacob M. Appel

Role of Belief in Healing: Placebo Effect, Nocebo Effect, and The Mind-Body Interaction  Open Access Plus

Pp. 172-198 (27)

Tamara Kalir

Subject Index  Open Access Plus

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Tamara L. Kalir