Rapid Calibration Method for 3D Laser Scanner

Author(s): Bin Liu, Qian Qiao, Fangfang Han*

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Engineering

Volume 14 , Issue 2 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: The 3D laser scanner is a non-contact active-sensing system, which has a number of applications. Many patents have been filed on the technologies for calibrating 3D laser scanner. A precise calibration method is important for measuring the accuracy of the 3D laser scanner. The system model contains three categories of parameters to be calibrated which include the camera intrinsic parameters, distortion coefficients and the light plane parameters. Typically, the calibration process is completed in two steps. Based on Zhang’s method, the calibration of the camera intrinsic parameters and distortion coefficients can be performed. Then, 3D feature points on the light plane should precisely be formed and extracted. Finally, the points are used to calculate the light plane parameters.

Methods: In this paper, a rapid calibration method is presented. Without any high precision auxiliary device, only one coplanar reference target is used. By using a group of captured images of the coplanar reference target placed in the field of view arbitrarily, calibration can be performed in one step. Based on the constraint from the planes formed by the target in different directions and the camera imaging model, a large amount of 3D points on the light plane can easily be obtained. The light plane equation in the camera coordinates system can be gathered by executing plane fitting to the 3D points.

Results: During the experimental process, the developed 3D laser scanner was calibrated by the proposed method. Then, the measuring accuracy of the system was verified with known distance in vertical direction of 1mm with sequential shifting motion generated by precision translation stage. The average value of the measured distances was found to be 1.010mm. The standard deviation was 0.008mm.

Conclusion: Experimental results prove that the proposed calibration method is simple and reliable.

Keywords: 3D laser scanner, structured light, calibration, coplanar target, system model, light plane.

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