Synthesis Procedure and Industrial Applications of NaY Zeolite for Various Processes: A Review

Author(s): Mahjoobeh Hajitabar Firouzjaee, Majid Taghizadeh*

Journal Name: Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry

Volume 17 , Issue 7 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Faujasite Y zeolites, due to their outstanding properties, have numerous applications in the chemical industries like petroleum refining, adsorption, FCC, petrochemical, aromatic alkylation, natural gas dehydration, separation, and environmental protection. The astonishing properties include high surface area, high porosity, high thermal stability and large ion-exchange capacity. In this review study, a summary of different synthesis techniques of this type of zeolite has been addressed. Different kinds of techniques like seeding, free template, organic template, increasing the alkali treatment and temperature control methods are described. Subsequently, because of its important role as a catalyst for different processes, the application of this zeolite was reviewed for different chemical processes.

Keywords: Applications, NaY, processes, synthesis, template, zeolite.

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