Seeds as Economical Production Platform for Recombinant Proteins

Author(s): Muhammad Sarwar Khan*, Faiz Ahmad Joyia, Ghulam Mustafa

Journal Name: Protein & Peptide Letters

Volume 27 , Issue 2 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


The cost-effective production of high-quality and biologically active recombinant molecules especially proteins is extremely desirable. Seed-based recombinant protein production platforms are considered as superior choice owing to lack of human/animal pathogenic organisms, lack of cold chain requirements for transportation and long-term storage, easy scalability and development of edible biopharmaceuticals in plants with objective to be used in purified or partially processed form is desirable. This review article summarizes the exceptional features of seed-based biopharming and highlights the needs of exploiting it for commercial purposes. Plant seeds offer a perfect production platform for high-value molecules of industrial as well as therapeutic nature owing to lower water contents, high protein storage capacity, weak protease activity and long-term storage ability at ambient temperature. Exploiting extraordinarily high protein accumulation potential, vaccine antigens, antibodies and other therapeutic proteins can be stored without effecting their stability and functionality up to years in seeds. Moreover, ability of direct oral consumption and post-harvest stabilizing effect of seeds offer unique feature of oral delivery of pharmaceutical proteins and vaccine antigens for immunization and disease treatment through mucosal as well as oral route.

Keywords: Seed, biopharming, protein storage vacuoles, targeting, seed-specific promoters, therapeutic proteins.

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