Core-Shell Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nanocomposites for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

Author(s): Nasrullah Shah*, Saba Gul, Mazhar Ul-Islam*

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design

Volume 25 , Issue 34 , 2019

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Core-shell polymers represent a class of composite particles comprising of minimum two dissimilar constituents, one at the center known as a core which is occupied by the other called shell. Core-shell molecularly imprinting polymers (CSMIPs) are composites prepared via printing a template molecule (analyte) in the coreshell assembly followed by their elimination to provide the everlasting cavities specific to the template molecules. Various other types of CSMIPs with a partial shell, hollow-core and empty-shell are also prepared. Numerous methods have been reported for synthesizing the CSMIPs. CSMIPs composites could develop the ability to identify template molecules, increase the relative adsorption selectivity and offer higher adsorption capacity. Keen features are measured that permits these polymers to be utilized in numerous applications. It has been developed as a modern technique with the probability for an extensive range of uses in selective adsorption, biomedical fields, food processing, environmental applications, in utilizing the plant's extracts for further applications, and sensors. This review covers the approaches of developing the CSMIPs synthetic schemes, and their application with special emphasis on uses in the biomedical field, food care subjects, plant extracts analysis and in environmental studies.

Keywords: Core-shell MIPs, synthesis, applications, biomedical, environmental, CSMIPs composites.

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