Virulence Factors in Sporothrix schenckii, One of the Causative Agents of Sporotrichosis

Author(s): Alma K. Tamez-Castrellón, Orazio Romeo, Laura C. García-Carnero, Nancy E. Lozoya-Pérez, Héctor M. Mora-Montes*

Journal Name: Current Protein & Peptide Science

Volume 21 , Issue 3 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Sporothrix schenckii is one of the etiological agents of sporotrichosis, a fungal infection distributed worldwide. Both, the causative organism and the disease have currently received limited attention by the medical mycology community, most likely because of the low mortality rates associated with it. Nonetheless, morbidity is high in endemic regions and the versatility of S. schenckii to cause zoonosis and sapronosis has attracted attention. Thus far, virulence factors associated with this organism are poorly described. Here, comparing the S. schenckii genome sequence with other medically relevant fungi, genes involved in morphological change, cell wall synthesis, immune evasion, thermotolerance, adhesion, biofilm formation, melanin production, nutrient uptake, response to stress, extracellular vesicle formation, and toxin production are predicted and discussed as putative virulence factors in S. schenckii.

Keywords: Pathogenesis, fungal infection, host-fungus interaction, mycosis, genome, protein secretion, cell wall.

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