A Bevel Gear Tension Balancing Device for Mining Hoist

Author(s): Zhixia Wang*, Bijuan Yan, Zigui Li.

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Background: With the increasing mining depth, single rope winding hoist and multi-rope friction hoist may not be feasible in ultra-deep wells. For the single rope winding hoist, larger rope diameter and drum diameter are required, while a lot of inconveniences would arise in the manufacturing process. For the multi-rope friction hoist, the balance tail rope is necessary so that a fluctuation in stress greater than 11.5% of the wire rope breaking force increases.

Objective: The purpose of this patent is to provide an overview of a tension balancing device using new bevel gear system in the multi-rope winding hoist. In the research, varying tension of the rope winded on each drum is conveniently and quickly adjusted in different working conditions.

Methods: A bevel gear balancing device is designed in the multi-rope winding hoist. It mainly consists of big and small output bevel gear, shell, balance bevel gear, and support frame.

Results: Unbalanced tension caused by different lengths of the ropes is compensated without any restrictions. The tension of all wire ropes is always in balance ensured by the balancing mechanism throughout the whole process of lifting and lowering containers. When the winding diameter of the drums is different, the tension of the hoisting-ropes will not be precisely adjusted. But it can be negligible.

Conclusion: The bevel gear balancing device in the patent is installed on the main shaft of the multirope winding hoist. Through analysis, the device was observed to be simple and easy to operate. The tension of the hoisting-ropes can be accurately balanced.

Keywords: Balancing device, bevel gear, different stress of rope, multi-rope winding hoist, tension balance, ultra-deep well, winding diameter.

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