Research Progress of Photocatalytic Deep Denitrification Technology for Oil Products: Mini-review

Author(s): Ying Chen*, HuilLi Zhang, YuNing Liang

Journal Name: Recent Innovations in Chemical Engineering
Formerly Recent Patents on Chemical Engineering

Volume 13 , Issue 1 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Due to the presence of nitrides in oil, the stability, storage and transportation safety and deep processing of oil are affected. In recent years, denitrification of oil products has become one of the research hotspots for solving environmental pollution and energy shortages. Modified nanoparticles are important photocatalytic material because they have indicated improvement in the performance as compared with other technologies when they are used for denitrification. There are mainly three kinds of modified nanoparticles applied in the field of photocatalytic denitrification, including titanium catalyst, bismuth catalyst and others. The research on photocatalyst denitrification has been promoted by the advancement of science and technology. This article focuses on the development process, research status and catalytic mechanism of photocatalytic technology in the field of denitrification. In addition, it provides guidance for the preparation of novel modified nanophotocatalysts for high-efficiency applications in the field of denitrification of oils.

Keywords: Nano-modification, photocatalytic, oil denitrification, mechanism research, research advances, denitrification.

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