Parthenolide and its Analogues: A New Potential Strategy for the Treatment of Triple-Negative Breast Tumors

Author(s): Thaise Gonçalves Araújo*, Lara Vecchi, Paula Marynella Alves Pereira Lima, Everton Allan Ferreira, Igor Moreira Campos, Douglas Cardoso Brandão, Gabriela Silva Guimarães, Matheus Alves Ribeiro, Ademar Alves da Silva Filho

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 27 , Issue 39 , 2020

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Triple Negative Breast Cancers (TNBC) are heterogeneous and aggressive pathologies, with distinct morphological and clinical characteristics associated with their genetic diversity, epigenetics, transcriptional changes and aberrant molecular patterns. Treatment with anti-neoplastic drugs exerts systemic effects with low specificity, and incipient improvement in overall survival due to chemoresistance and recurrence. New alternatives for TNBC treatment are urgent and parthenolide or its analogues have been explored. Parthenolide is a sesquiterpene lactone with promising antitumor effects against TNBC cell lines. This review highlights the importance of parthenolide and its analogue drugs in TNBC treatment.

Keywords: Parthenolide, triple negative breast cancer, sesquiterpene lactones, nuclear factor-κB, heterogeneity, natural products.

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