Survey of Similarity-Based Prediction of Drug-Protein Interactions

Author(s): Chen Wang, Lukasz Kurgan*

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 27 , Issue 35 , 2020

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Therapeutic activity of a significant majority of drugs is determined by their interactions with proteins. Databases of drug-protein interactions (DPIs) primarily focus on the therapeutic protein targets while the knowledge of the off-targets is fragmented and partial. One way to bridge this knowledge gap is to employ computational methods to predict protein targets for a given drug molecule, or interacting drugs for given protein targets. We survey a comprehensive set of 35 methods that were published in high-impact venues and that predict DPIs based on similarity between drugs and similarity between protein targets. We analyze the internal databases of known PDIs that these methods utilize to compute similarities, and investigate how they are linked to the 12 publicly available source databases. We discuss contents, impact and relationships between these internal and source databases, and well as the timeline of their releases and publications. The 35 predictors exploit and often combine three types of similarities that consider drug structures, drug profiles, and target sequences. We review the predictive architectures of these methods, their impact, and we explain how their internal DPIs databases are linked to the source databases. We also include a detailed timeline of the development of these predictors and discuss the underlying limitations of the current resources and predictive tools. Finally, we provide several recommendations concerning the future development of the related databases and methods.

Keywords: Drug-protein interactions, drug-protein interaction prediction, drug repurposing, drug side-effects, databases, drug structure, protein sequence.

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