Characteristics of Natural Killer Cell Interaction with Trophoblast Cells During Pregnancy

Author(s): Dmitry Olegovich Bazhenov*, Evgeniya Valerevna Khokhlova, Larisa Pavlovna Viazmina, Kseniya Nikolaevna Furaeva, Valentina Anatolievna Mikhailova, Nikolay Anatolievich Kostin, Sergey Alekseevich Selkov, Dmitry Igorevich Sokolov

Journal Name: Current Molecular Medicine

Volume 20 , Issue 3 , 2020

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Background: Maternal natural killer cells (NK cells) are a prevailing leukocyte population in the uteroplacental bed. Current descriptions of the effect of cytokines from the placental microenvironment on the expression of receptors by trophoblast and NK cells are inadequate and contradictory. There is insufficient information about the ability of NK cells to migrate through trophoblast cells.

Objective: To assess the impact of conditioned media obtained during culturing of placentas from the first and the third trimesters of healthy pregnancies on the phenotype of trophoblast and NK cells and impact on adhesion and transmigration of NK cells through trophoblast cell layer.

Results: We established that conditioned media obtained from both first and third trimester placentas increased the intensity of CD106, CD49e, CD49a, CD31, CD51/61, and integrin β6 expression by trophoblast cells. Conditioned media obtained from first trimester placentas increased the intensity of CD11a, CD29, CD49d, CD58, CD29 expression by NK cells. The presence of conditioned media from third trimester placentas resulted in more intense CD29, CD49d, CD11a, CD29, CD49d, and CD58 expression by NK cells. Migration of NK cells through trophoblast cells in the presence of conditioned media from first trimester placentas was increased compared with the migration level in the presence of conditioned media from third trimester placentas. This may be associated with increased expression of CD18 by NK cells.

Conclusion: First trimester placental secretory products increase adhesion receptor expression by both trophoblast and NK cells. Under these conditions, trophoblast is capable of ensuring NK cell adhesion and transmigration.

Keywords: NK cells, trophoblast, transmigration, adhesion, receptors, placenta, NK-92, Jeg-3.

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