Association of Arterial Hypertension with Hepatobiliary Pathology: The Occurrence of Comorbidity and Features of Metabolic Processes

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Author(s): Sevostyanova Evgeniya Viktorovna*, Nikolaev Yuriy Alekseevich, Polyakov Vladimir Yakovlevich, Igor Michailovich.

Journal Name: Current Hypertension Reviews

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Comorbidity of hypertension and hepatobiliary pathology has negative medical and social consequences, including increase in indicators of hospital admissions, disability and mortality.

Objective: To study the occurrence of hypertension combined with hepatobiliary diseases depending on social status, gender and age in 2003-2017 and the features of its influence on indicators of metabolic processes in patients of therapeutic profile.

Method: A cross-sectional study using the inpatients medical record database of the clinic of Federal Research Centre for Basic and Translational Medicine (Novosibirsk, Russia), which collects demographics, diagnoses (using ICD-10 codes), procedures and examinations of all inpatients from 2003-2017 was conducted. A study of the incidence of comorbidity of hypertension and hepatobiliary pathology depending on age, gender and social status, based on the analysis of 13496 medical records was made. A comparative analysis of biochemical parameters characterizing the main types of 1 metabolism (lipid, protein, carbohydrate and purine) was carried out in 3 groups of patients: with hypertension; with hepatobiliary pathology, with a combined pathology.

Results: In 2003-2005 years there was the greatest frequency of this comorbidity in workers, in women, in the age group 60 years and older. In 2009-2017 years the highest incidence was in male administrative staff. In patients with this comorbidity more pronounced changes in carbohydrate, protein, lipid and purine metabolism were found in comparison with groups of patients with isolated diseases,

Conclusion: The results make it necessary to improve the system of prevention and treatment of comorbidity taking in account sex, age, occupation and features of metabolism.

Keywords: hypertension, hepatobiliary diseases, comorbidity, gender, age, social status

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DOI: 10.2174/1573402115666190801104227

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