Advanced Calculus - Fundamentals of Mathematics

Advanced Calculus - Fundamentals of Mathematics

Vector calculus is an essential mathematical tool for performing mathematical analysis of physical and natural phenomena. It is employed in advanced applications in the field of engineering and ...
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Integration Over Bounded Regions

Pp. 75-94 (20)

Carlos Polanco


This chapter introduces Riemann’s double and triple integrals over integration domains, bounded by real-valued functions with and without the use of mappings that transform the bounded integration domains.


Bounded regions, Bounded and not closed region, Closed and bounded regions, Double Riemann integral, Integration domains, Jacobian determinant, Lower bound region, Maps in ℝ, Maps in ℝ2, Maps in ℝ3, Not closed and not bounded region, Simple Riemann integral, Triple Riemann integral, Upper bound region.


Department of Mathematics Faculty of Sciences Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México México City México.