Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide as Photocatalyst and Adsorbent in Wastewater Treatment – A Review

Author(s): Nur Shazrynda Md. Shahrodin, Juhana Jaafar*, Abdul Razak Rahmat, Norhaniza Yusof, Mohammad Hafiz Dzarfan Othman, Mukhlis A. Rahman

Journal Name: Micro and Nanosystems

Volume 12 , Issue 1 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Superparamagnetic iron oxide has been applied in different fields for various reasons. Its abundant availability, non-toxic properties, environmentally friendly and good chemical stability in aqueous medium are beneficial for water treatment applications. In addition, its low bad gap (2.3 ~ 2.4 eV) has contributed to highly possible electrons-holes activation under the visible light spectrum. On the realization of iron oxide capabilities as a promising alternative to conventional anatase TiO2 photocatalysts, this review is presented to critically discuss the photocatalytic behaviour of organic water pollutants as a function of iron oxide properties. The concluding remarks in terms of the way forward in the opportunities of iron oxide superparamagnetic properties can benefit towards the photocatalytic activities including recycling, retrieving and controlling in wastewater treatment.

Keywords: Superparamagnetic iron oxide, iron oxide photocatalyst, iron oxide adsorbent, Fe2O3, Fe3O4, waste water treatment.

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