Nanoparticles from Actinobacteria: A Potential Target to Antimicrobial Therapy

Author(s): Palaniappan Sivasankar, Subramaniam Poongodi, Palaniappan Seedevi, Dharman Kalaimurugan, Murugesan Sivakumar, Sivakumar Loganathan*

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Design

Volume 25 , Issue 24 , 2019

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Nanoparticles have gained significant importance in the past two decades, due to their multifaceted applications in the field of nanomedicine. As our ecosystems and habitats are changing due to global warming, many new diseases are emerging continuously. Treating these costs a lot of money and mostly ends up in failure. In addition, frequent use of antibiotics to control the emerging diseases has led the pathogens to develop resistance to antibiotics. Hence, the nanoparticles are targeted to treat such diseases instead of the costly antibiotics. In particular, the biosynthesized nanoparticles have received considerable attention due to their simple, eco-friendly and promising activity. To highlight, microbial mediated nanoparticles have been found to possess higher activity and thus have a promising role in antimicrobial therapy to fight against the emerging drug-resistant pathogens. In this context, this review article is aimed at highlight the role of nanoparticles in the field of nanomedicine and importance of actinobacteria in the nanoparticle synthesis and their need in antimicrobial therapy. This is a comprehensive review, focusing on the potential of actinobacteria-mediated nanoparticles in the field of nanomedicine.

Keywords: Nanomedicine, antimicrobial therapy, actinobacteria, MDR, nanoparticles, drug resistance.

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