Recent Advances on Triazolium Ionic Liquids: Synthesis and Applications

Author(s): Roli Mishra*, Jyoti S. Mishra, Snehkrishn A. Chaubey

Journal Name: Current Organic Chemistry

Volume 23 , Issue 11 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


The present review is principally focused on the triazolium ILs (TILs) and its potential applications. The major part of this review deals with the use of triazolium ILs as catalysts in asymmetric synthesis, solvents, recognition abilities, and electrolytes in electrochemical, storage devices. Influences of stereochemistry in ion conducting properties, hydrolysis of sugar baggage, Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) and biological activity are also discussed. Our intention in this review is to make concise compilation and investigations of the latest key achievements, broad spectrum of developments and problems within triazolium ionic-liquid. We anticipate that this communication will encourage scientific researchers and industries to exploit triazolium ILs in addressing scientific accost.

Keywords: Ionic Liquids (ILs), Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TILs), Task Specific Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TSTILs), asymmetric synthesis, Baylis-Hillman, green chemistry.Ionic Liquids (ILs), Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TILs), Task Specific Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TSTILs), asymmetric synthesis, Baylis-Hillman, green chemistry.Ionic Liquids (ILs), Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TILs), Task Specific Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TSTILs), asymmetric synthesis, Baylis-Hillman, green chemistry.Ionic Liquids (ILs), Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TILs), Task Specific Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TSTILs), asymmetric synthesis, Baylis-Hillman, green chemistry.Ionic Liquids (ILs), Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TILs), Task Specific Triazolium Ionic Liquids (TSTILs), asymmetric synthesis, Baylis-Hillman, green chemistry.

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