The use of Sulfonamide Derivatives in the Treatment of Trypanosomatid Parasites including Trypanosoma cruzi, Trypanosoma brucei, and Leishmania ssp

Author(s): Cauê B. Scarim*, Rafael C. Chelucci, Jean L. dos Santos, Chung M. Chin

Journal Name: Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 16 , Issue 1 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


More than 10 million people around the world are afflicted by Neglected Tropical Diseases, such as Chagas Disease, Human African Trypanosomiasis, and Leishmania. These diseases mostly occur in undeveloped countries that suffer from a lack of economic incentive, research, and policy for new compound development. Sulfonamide moieties are effective scaffolds present in several compounds that are determinants to treat various diseases, principally neglected tropical diseases. This review article examines the contribution of these scaffolds in medicinal chemistry in the last five years, focusing on three trypanosomatid parasites: Trypanosoma cruzi, Trypanosoma brucei, and Leishmania ssp. We also present perspectives for their use in drug designs in an effort to contribute to new drug development. In addition, we consider the physicochemical parameters, whose molecules all presented according to Lipinski's rule. The correlation between the selective index and LogP was evaluated, showing that sulfonamide derivatives can act differently against each trypanosomatid parasite. Moreover, the approaches of novel drugs and technologies are very important for the eventual drug discovery against trypanosomatid diseases.

Keywords: Sulfonamides, new compounds, Chagas disease, Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT), leishmania, tropical Diseases.

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