Chitosan-Coated Alginate Nanoparticles Enhanced Absorption Profile of Insulin Via Oral Administration

Author(s): Mohd H.M. Jaafar, Khuriah A. Hamid*.

Journal Name: Current Drug Delivery

Volume 16 , Issue 7 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: In this study, four nanoparticle formulations (F1 to F4) comprising varying ratios of alginate, Pluronic F-68 and calcium chloride with a constant amount of insulin and chitosan as a coating material were prepared using polyelectrolyte complexation and ionotropic gelation methods to protect insulin against enzymatic degradation.

Methods: This study describes the formulation design, optimisation, characterisation and evaluation of insulin concentration via oral delivery in rats. A reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method was developed and validated to quantify insulin concentration in rat plasma. The proposed method produced a linear response over the concentration range of 0.39 to 50 µg/ml.

Results: In vitro release study showed that dissolution of insulin in simulated gastric juice of pH 1.2 was prevented by alginate core and chitosan coating but rapidly released in simulated intestinal fluid (pH 6.8). Additionally, Formulation 3 (F3) has a particle size of 340.40 ± 2.39 nm with narrow uniformity exhibiting encapsulation efficiency (EE) of 72.78 ± 1.25 % produced highest absorption profile of insulin with a bioavailability of 40.23 ±1.29% and reduced blood glucose after its oral administration in rats.

Conclusion: In conclusion, insulin oral delivery system containing alginate and chitosan as a coating material has the ability to protect the insulin from enzymatic degradation thus enhance its absorption in the intestine. However, more work should be done for instance to involve human study to materialise this delivery system for human use.

Keywords: Chitosan, alginate, nanoparticles, insulin, oral delivery, pharmacokinetic profile.

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