Frontiers in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery

Frontiers in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery

Volume: 10

Editor(s): Atta-ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Choudhary

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Frontiers in Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery is a book series devoted to publishing the latest advances in anti-cancer drug design and discovery. In each volume, eminent scientists contribute reviews ...
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Pp. i

Atta-ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Choudhary

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Pp. ii

Atta-ur-Rahman, and M. Iqbal Choudhary

Challenges in the Management of Hepatoblastoma

Pp. 1-22 (22)

Ioannis A. Ziogas and Georgios Tsoulfas

PDF Price: $30

The Emerging Role of Monocarboxylate Transporter-1 in Cancer: Overview and Therapeutic Opportunities

Pp. 23-42 (20)

Gouthami Thumma, Kiran Gangarapu, Anvesh Jallapally and Anil Kumar Mondru

PDF Price: $30

In-vitro Anti-Proliferative Assays and Techniques Used in Pre-Clinical Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery

Pp. 43-61 (19)

Meran Keshawa Ediriweera, Kamani Hemamala Tennekoon and Sameera Ranganath Samarakoon

PDF Price: $30

Polyphenols and Cancer

Pp. 62-110 (49)

Peramaiyan Rajendran, Abdullah M. Alzahrani, Thamaraiselvan Rengarajan, Ravi Kaushik, Palanisamy Arulselvan and Arthanari Umamaheswari

PDF Price: $30

Glioblastoma Multiforme; Drug Resistance & Combination Therapy

Pp. 111-130 (20)

Megha Gautam, Saumya Singh, Mehak Aggarwal, Manish K Sharma, Shweta Dang and Reema Gabrani

PDF Price: $30

Recent Advances in the Development of Mesoporous Anti-Cancer Drug Nanocarriers

Pp. 131-179 (49)

Jessica Flood-Garibay, Lucila I. Castro-Pastrana and Miguel A. Méndez- Rojas

PDF Price: $30

Cutting Edge Targeting Strategies Utilizing Nanotechnology in Breast Cancer Therapy

Pp. 180-228 (49)

Samipta Singh, Priyanka Maurya and Shubhini A. Saraf

PDF Price: $30

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Pp. 229-238 (10)

Atta ur-Rahman and M. Iqbal Choudhary